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Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I have been an employee of, a Division of Recreational Warehouse for 16 years. We are one of the largest dealers (We are now celebrating 41 years in business!) of vent free fireplace logs and inserts in the country. We have significant experience in answering questions and ultimately helping customers choose a set of vent free fireplace logs or insert for their home. I have really enjoyed helping customers both online, as well as in our retail store. My desire to develop this blog was to clear up misconceptions and misinformation about vent free fireplace logs and gas inserts. Throughout the years, I have been very eager to learn and want to take this opportunity to share that knowledge with you. Any questions? 

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  • 2019/2020 Heating Season
    What is new this year!
  • Introducing Empire Comfort Systems
    White Mountain Hearth Series by Empire Comfort Systems
  • Vent Free Gas Fireplaces And Vent Free Gas Logs What's "NEW" for 2016
    This category will include some changes in codes for 2016 as well as some new product that I want to share with you.
  • Vented versus Vent-free
    Often times consumers feel some what helpless in their decision to choose between vented and vent-free gas logs. There is a lot of information out there which can be very confusing for the average person. I am hoping to shed some light on the differences making it easier for you to choose the product that better suits your needs.
  • Important Facts About Vent Free Fireplace Logs
    For New Vent Free Fireplace Logs And Insert Owners:

    1. Before lighting the pilot for the season, please follow the cleaning instructions on our website below the Category list. A cleaning of your vent free fireplace log set and burner should be done at least once a year. A second cleaning may be necessary from heavy use or excessive dust in the middle of the season.

    2. It is recommended to operate your vent free fireplace log set or insert on high for a consecutive 6 hours with the damper closed to burn off the oils from the manufacturing process. The consecutive burn on high will allow the logs to reach their hottest temperature during this time. (If purchasing a vent free insert there is no damper and you will follow the same instructions) You might notice a strong odor or light smoke and but this is normal and it will slowly dissipate during the burn off time. You may trigger your home smoke detector during the first hour or two, allow for some ventilation by opening a door or window to let fresh air in.

    3. Your vent free fireplace logs or insert is equipped with a safety pilot and oxygen depletion system. The safety pilot is designed to shut off the flow of gas if the pilot or flame goes out. There is a 45 second delay for the burner to reset before you can relight the pilot. The Oxygen Depletion System is designed to shut the unit down if it senses low oxygen.

    4. Most vent free fireplace logs can be used with the damper open, when you have a functional damper and working chimney flue. Your vent free fireplace logs and insert are not designed to be used as a primary heat source. Vent free fireplace logs are designed to be used as a supplemental heat source and about 4 to 5 hours per day. Use your vent free gas logs to warm the area where it is located.

    5. Using a vent free fireplace log set or insert as a primary heat source can cause excessive moisture and lead to unwanted mold and mildew. Your vent free fireplace log set will raise the humidity level in your home. Humidity levels are lower in the winter, most often this added humidity is welcomed.

    6. If you smell an odor or fume after the initial burn off period, that will gradually dissipate within 10 to 20 hours of use. If you continue to smell an odor after the initial burn off keep in mind there are odors emitted into the air that can interact with your vent free fireplace logs.

    • Painting or staining
    • Frequently burning scented candles
    • Air fresheners and potpourri
    • Hairspray, aerosols, and cleaning products
    • Fans that interrupt the normal flame pattern
    • Logs improperly placed on the burner assembly
    • Objects placed in or near the flames


    All of the vent free gas log sets are inspired by nature and are hand-painted for incredible realism and life-like detail. This offers a truly unique and authentic look to every log set.

    The vent free log sets allow for installation in any existing firebox without the need for venting-making them a terrific choice for just about any room in your home. All gas log sets are available for natural gas or propane.

    Monessen stands behind each and every gas log set that we sell and backs them with a lifetime warranty.

    The log sets are offered in one of these two materials. Refractory cement log sets allow for more fine detailing while ceramic fiber log sets reflect more heat.

    With a remarkable 99% efficiency rating, Monessen vent free gas log sets maximize heating operation to provide optimum fuel savings.
  • Vent Free Fireplace Logs And Fireplace Inserts
    Vent free fireplace logs and gas inserts are available in natural gas or propane, and are intended to be used as additional heat for a home. Because there is no vent, flue or chimney required, all of the heat generated by the product is utilized as heat with 99.9% efficiency.
    Many vent free fireplace logs and fireplace inserts are available with the option of a wide range of remote controls from a very basic on/off to a thermostat remote to control the temperature, much like a thermostat used for a furnace. Vent free gas inserts and log sets offer homeowners a safe and energy efficient way to add a secondary heat source to their homes. Vent free gas burners are design certified by national testing laboratories to meet the latest national standards for health and safety guidelines.
    Vent free products are fueled by natural gas or propane and the burners are engineered to provide efficient, environmentally clean burning heat. More than 17 million households use vent free gas supplemental heating appliances.

  • FAQ's
    Frequently asked questions
  • When To Check Building Codes
    New York City's building codes are the oldest (1916) and most stringent codes in the country. These codes standards were established for the purpose of safety, health, and quality of life. Population density has caused concerns such as fire prevention, adequate light, and ventilation. Whenever there is a question regarding construction, design, or alteration, you should consult with the building codes in your area to see what the restrictions are.
  • Manual, Modulating and Millivolt Control Systems
    With a manual valve you turn the burners on, and adjust the flame height by a control knob on the gas appliance. The ability to adjust the flame height with a ventless gas log set will allow a range of BTU's and heat. Manual control ventless gas log sets are not capable of using a remote control or wall thermostat.

    Modulating Control:
    A modulating control offers a self-regulating temperature setting to manage the heat in the room. Operation is easy, light the pilot, turn the flame up to high until the room is comfortable, then turn slowly turn the knob towards low until the the flame shuts off. The thermostat is set and the valve will "modulate" the flame on and off to maintain the temperature you set. Easy to use but there is no flame height adjustment. To keep the unit on you would turn the control on high to override the thermostat feature. Thermostatic controlled heaters and fireplaces allow temperature setting on the unit, and the fireplace or heater will cycle on and offer to maintain temperature in a room. This can be also be achieved with a millivolt system and some type of thermostat remote.

    Millivolt Control:
    A millivolt system has a valve that allows the use of a wall switch, wired or wireless wall thermostat or a remote control. A thermostat remote or wall mounted thermostat will regulate and maintain the temperature in the room.

  • Minimum Hearth Requirements
    When purchasing a ventless gas log set whether it be Monessen or another brand, be sure to follow the minimum hearth requirements when choosing a size.
  • Questions Regarding Installation
    This section is reserved for questions regarding the installation of ventless gas logs and inserts.
    About ProCom:
    ProCom's mission is to be your first choice when shopping for supplemental vent-free heating. They deliver outstanding service, unbeatable value, innovation, and quality.

    ProCom's Products and Services:
    ProCom's philosophy of vertical integration of parts and components has allowed them to engineer affordable high quality products and offer support in the aftermarket needs of customers. They have manufactured quality heaters and hearth products now for over 15 years, and include a full line of vent-free space heaters, fireplaces and log sets.

    Procom's Marketing:
    ProCom products are promoted through three different brands; ProCom, ProCom Select and HearthSense. ProCom features a variety of products ranging from vent-free gas wall heaters to an affordable selection of vent-free gas log sets and fireplaces. They are marketed through a wide range of reputable businesses and showcase an upscale series of products arrangement of features to include remote controlled units. These products are sold through independent dealers that sell and service their complete line of heaters, logs and fireplaces.
  • Discontinued
    Companies are always looking to update and change up the look or features of their product which is the reason items are discontinued. Monessen specifically has done an amazing job redesigning their vent free systems making them more realistic and attractive. Be sure to check out our new vent free less gas log sets and fireplaces!!

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